Thursday, July 24, 2008

i chose eveready batteries for my minor subject

well, my lecturer asked us(my classmates and i) to find our own product. i chose eveready batteries.
then, we list down what are their weakness and strengh about the products. Then, we have to search it competitors. Well, eveready's competitors are absolutely energizer and duracell (i guess...).
why i chose this product? The reasons are because i love to use this batteries, but I'm a lil' bit upset of its packaging design. It's not attractive as enegizer. so, i think i can help them to redesign their product.
and i wanna change its logo too. Well, i still using the black cat image, but i will create it to be more interesting.
well, next week i will present my sketches and i hope my lecturer will like it!

owh, i got a new bike today. so i cycled around my university with my friend and it was totally fun! hahaha... i love it so much...

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